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Why Advertise on the web with Midwest Motorsports Weekly?

Hey we understand that traditional advertising has it's place, but we here at FRP Inc. believe that web advertising has UNIQUE advantages for those that use it. 

First visitors to our site are coming to us for an exclusive update themselves on their racing fix. They depend on our site for the most up to date racing news and information which changes weekly.  

Second...your advertisement can be placed as soon as the same day as the purchase, meaning immediate information on NEW products, NEW Services, and/or date sensitive material for potential customers. NO NEED TO WAIT !

Who see's the advertisement on Midwest Motorsports Weekly the website?

Fans, teams, promoters, or anyone who depends on our web site and show for the most up to date News, Information, and Results about the regions Motorsports coverage. Since the launch of Midwest Motorsports Weekly a regionally syndicated Radio Show ONLINE, tens of thousands of captivated fans have tuned in to our show and visited our website weekly.

Our show is broadcast via our syndicated radio network all across the Upper Midwest. Our regional coverage spans from Eastern Wyoming and Montana to Wisconsin, Northern Iowa, and two Canadian Provinces or everything in between. 

Statistics: (site launch April 1st, 2011)

* 60,000 hits worldwide
* 78% of the time a visitor downloads MP3 version of our show to their personal device.
* 8 to 15 minutes is the AVG. length of visit to our site
* 5 Continents (North America, Europe, Asia,South America)
* 31 of 50 United States is where our hits come from.

Top 5 States:  

Minnesota 35.5%
N. Dakota 19.8%
Wisconsin 8.2%
S. Dakota 7.5%
N. Jersey 5.9%

How much do ads COST?

Advertising packages are priced to suit anyone's needs. From a $50 monthly box display ad web site one of our Primary, Secondary, and/or Featured segment packages to include Audio produced radio edit commercials on our show.  We can custom design something that works for you. BUNDLING our ad packages can often significantly reduce individual package costs.  

Be sure to ask your FRP Inc. Marketing representative about BUNDLING an ad package for the best results and economic benefits for your business. Contact

Where do I get the ads?

FRP Inc. can can display your ad in several different ways.  We can incorporate current artwork advertisements you already use in other media or we can produce a custom advertisement for you to your liking.  Either way before your advertisement is displayed we'll provide you with a proof for your approval.  

One of the most attractive benefits of advertising with Midwest Motorsports Weekly is that we have the capability of placing your ad with several different venues including;  ONLINE, Radio Affiliates, and one of our TWO dirt track race teams.  

How do I place my advertisement?

You can contact our representatives for details or to get things started at the following.

Click here 

Terry @ 218-686-5020
Andrew @ 218-686-0693
Display Advertising Styles
* Available with link and/or link with audio
Sally Wolff
Box Ad
* Available with link and/or link with audio
Image Scroller
* Atttention getting rotating ads
Audio Commercial for Radio Show
Radio Affiliate PROMO...such as this run on affiliate stations prior to each weeks LIVE show. Includes coming weeks guests and includes Primary and secondary sponsors of the show.
Why advertise on Midwest Motorsports Syndicated Radio Show?

Since the first show that aired LIVE in February of 2011 Midwest Motorsports Weekly has seen steady growth.  More than 60,000 listeners have tuned in via the OFFICIAL web site or on our flagship stations website to catch the latest in Motorsports news, information, and results weekly. In addition to our LIVE listeners across the network.....many of our listeners have decided to download the show to their personal computers, iPods, or tablets to be listened to at their convenience.  A mix of national and local/regional guests on the show each week make MWMW a program that brings listeners BACK each week.  

For our advertisers....dollar for dollar Midwest Motorsports Weekly just makes sense.